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Product Description

The original Q-Redew is a unique, convenient hand-held  hairstyling vapor wand specifically designed to help you quickly and naturally rejuvenate, enhance and enjoy your hair’s curls and waves. In just minutes, the Q-Redew user can infuse the right amount of warm mist at the right time to achieve a naturally reactivated curl and/or wave. The Q-Redew is used on dry hair and leaves your hair dry.  No need to rewet or spray until wet to refresh.  The Q-Redew can be used alone or with other complementary products (sprays, gels, etc) as part of your normal styling routine. Use at home, at work, at the gym – the Q-Redew offers you curl/wave rejuvenation when you want it, where you want it!!

*The Q-Redew is 120 voltage.  It is not to be used with convertors or adaptors as the functionality cannot be gauranteed and they will shorten the working life of the Q-Redew.  Q-Redew Products is patent pending in the EU with the intention of producing 240 voltage units. Subscribe to our newsletter where we will be sure to announce the arrival of new EU inventory.

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Product Reviews

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  1. Q redew where have you been...

    Posted by Jada on 15th Dec 2014

    I've seen a lot of reviews on the Qredew, so I finally purchased one. This works wonders on my 4c hair, it makes de tangling so easy. This is what I really needed in my life!

  2. A warning and a review....just buy this, it'll be worth it in the end.

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Dec 2014

    First I want to say sorry for this long review but there is a good reason for it.
    Ever since I found out about this product I have been trying to come up with clever ways to steam my hair without shelling out all the money for the Q-Redew. I tried using the steamer from my Caruso Steam Rollers, it was very uncomfortable and there wasn't enough steam for me. So I went out and bought a My Little Steamer, for $20, and there was a LOT of steam coming out of that little thing and it got pretty hot. It worked for me but I started to notice something on my hair I have never seen, small white dots about 1/4 in. from the bottom of my strands, and when I pulled on them, my hair would break off. I looked up possible reasons why this could be happening and I found out that these are usually caused by using heat on wet hair, that causes bubbles to form on the strands of hair, called bubble hair. You may be wondering why this is a part of my review, it is a warning to you all. I don't use heat on my hair very often, I feel that the extreme heat from this small steamer (My Little Steamer particularly) is what caused these bubbles on my hair, and I have seen reviews where women say they use this steamer on their hair, and I would not recommend it. That steamer is definitely good for clothes, but not for hair (but that is whole other review). Using that streamer was the only thing in my regimen that had changed over the 2 weeks I was using it and noticed the damage to my hair. I really want to stress that in this review. Ladies although you may have a found a loop hole around buying this device, you might end up experiencing the damage I experienced just to save a few bucks.

    Finally this brings me to my review of the Q-Redew. I know the price is scarey, but go sign up on the Q-Redew mailing list and wait on a good coupon, I used a $20 off coupon I got for a Black Friday sale, so in the end, the damage to my hair from the clothes steamer and the coupon made me decide to fork out the money for this device. I received it today, once they shipped it I got it within a few days, a lot sooner than I had expected.
    I have 3c/4a medium porosity hair, and I am working on 4 day old dirty hair that has been in an afro puff 3 of those days and today I am rocking flattened, limp, slept on twist out from last night...I plugged this baby in, waited for it to heat up and went to work. I am very pleased with the results, my hair looking good and full and happy. It's looking like a good third day hair where my curls are full and yet still a little defined but not a matted mess. I only had to refill this once to complete my hair. I used this to detangle my hair and it was so quick and easy, my hair was soft shiny and would have made for a perfect blow out, if I hadn't had other plans for it.
    It is a lot smaller than I expected. I like the vintage mint green color, and I am very pleased that I decided to purchase this product. I do feel like women who like crunchy or stiff ultra defined curls may not like this product. I personally like that it give my hair volume and makes it look fuller within minutes. I don't need ultra defined curls I just want big happy healthy hair. I only knocked off 1 star because of the price.

  3. Love,love , love it!

    Posted by Monique on 15th Dec 2014

    Just got my Q-Redew yesterday and everything the online community says about it is true! Unfortunately it arrived after my wash day, so I will have to wait to see how it detangles, pre-poos, and deep conditions my 4b/c hair but it did not arrive too late for me to use it in styling my daughters hair. I will admit that I throw my daughter's 3c hair into a ponytail and call it a day. Her curly ponytail puff definitely tangles and even matts (not ashamed to admit it). Moving from a matted ponytail to Disney's Frozen inspired french braids would have been a nightmare without my steamer. This steamer literally melted right through the tangles and helped ease the matting. My eight-year old daughter was shocked!

  4. The Truth

    Posted by April on 14th Dec 2014

    I have watched several videos & read many reviews. I purchased it on Black Friday. I was blown away by the Q Rdew. It did everything I heard about it. My hair was so soft & manageable. It did help with the detangling process.I am looking forward to using it again soon.

  5. Light keep blinking!

    Posted by Amber on 12th Dec 2014

    Q-Redew's response to the review below:

    Fortunately we were able to contact this customer and provide an exchange at no cost to the customer. It is important to team Q-Redew that your Q-Redew works and you are satisfied with your purchase. The customer reports that she will repost a review following her use of the Q-Redew. Please feel free to contact support@qredew.com with questions or concerns.

    Just bought the qredew....couldn't wAit to use it. Went to plug it in after filling with tap wearer and the light continued to flash! It never gave a solid light!!!!! So I can't use it! It gets hot???? I'm confused! Is this defective!?!?
    I bought this on Black Friday and had to wait to receive it now it's not working properly. Not cool!

  6. Excellent for deep condition treatment

    Posted by Jasmine on 28th Nov 2014

    I bought this qredew 3 months ago. I love the way my feels post deep condition hair. I use it weekly only with hydrathermanaturals products. I colored my hair so this was a great investment. I have been transitioning for the past 2 years, then finally did the big chop 3 monthss ago. I love my natural hair. I get some many compliments on my styles and color.

  7. Great many,uses, long review I made sections

    Posted by Impressed on 28th Nov 2014

    Customer service: They are awesome. I wrote them prior to ordering and they answered right back. There responses to other reviewers seem honest .

    Uses: I have had this baby for months so I've given it many runs. I use it daily to add moisture prior to styling or leaving in the am . I use it to help detangling after shrinkage has gotten the best of me on a rainy day. I use it to help with hot oil treatments , which I now do weekly because it easy. I also use to activate deep conditioner instead of waiting for hours for it to penetrate.

    Results: Because I use it daily my hair is so so so soft ..I touch it all day in amazement. I do the hot oil before I wash and I think it does a good job of helping the oil penetrate . SAVES TIME DEEP CONDITIONING

    My hair type: likely considered 4b/c tips : I always seal after using in the am with whatever oil is close by.
    Climate: summers are humid in the area I live in however I purchased for the cold months which are now. It is dry so dry.

    O and the shut off..genius. I thought I would never forget to unplug.. It's happened 3 times already thank you for the shut off feature.

  8. Yes yes yes!!! The answer to my hair prayers!!

    Posted by Danielle Belton on 22nd Nov 2014

    I received my Q-Redew about a month ago, and have been using it for my pre-poo treatments, and my DC's.. But today, I used it to refresh my hair after a 3 day braid out....oh my God!! It was utterly amazing!!! It softened and detangled my hair to the point where I did not even use a comb or brush in my hair!! I then just put my product in my hair, and twisted it up!! My hair was soft, my twists are full, and fluffy, and my hair has a ton of bounce!!!! For my low porosity, 4C, thick density hair, this product is from GOD!!! Love it!!!

  9. Christmas present 2014

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Nov 2014

    I won't have the opportunity to experience this steamer until after Christmas. Will let you know then.

    Q-Redew's Response: Enjoy your new Christmas gift, and please let us know how you like your Q-Redew once you start using. The Q-Redew makes an excellent Holiday gift for friends and loved ones. Share the steam! Happy Holidays!

  10. Excellent for 4C Hair

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Nov 2014

    This is a great investment for 4C hair. I love it…it is just what my hair needs to get the maximum moisture.

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